Available courses

This course is intended to provide all EI staff, regardless of your personal role at your library, with the foundational resources you need to get started working within the consortium and on the Evergreen software platform. (1 TLEU)

The training server is available so that EI library staff members are able to test and play with new and unexplored modules and functionalities without having to worry about affecting the real data stored on the live server.  The training server resets each night to a "clean" state so that the same dataset is consistently available.  EI staff are encouraged to become familiar with the process to register and use the trainer whenever they wish to review, refresh, or discover the software interfaces.

This module is not eligible for Library Continuing Education Units.

This is a collection of archived webinars and trainings presented as Cataloging Roundtables.  This content is provided for personal enrichment and is not currently eligible for continuing education credit.

Get started copy cataloging in Evergreen Indiana in the staff client. This course is the prerequisite for the Advanced Cataloging series, which is required to receive your Cat1 status. (3 TLEUs)

This course is slated for retirement on September 1, 2018.  Please collect your LEU certificates before that date!

Created as a refresher course for experienced circulation staff, this class demonstrates policies and workflows associated with the Staff Client version of Evergreen.